Henry: Whoa. Look at you! You look amazing!
Abby: Yeah?
Henry: Yeah.

This is not the way I wanted it to be at all. I mean, most days this island is great. Almost like it used to be. The only thing missing is you.

heart beats fast
colors and promises
how to be brave
how can i love when i’m afraid to fall?
christina perri - a thousand years
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Jimmy: I knew someday you’d come back to me.
Abby: And I knew you’d be here.
Jimmy: Oh yeah? And how’s that?
Abby: I could smell you from the mainland.
Jimmy: Oh, so that’s how it’s gonna be, huh? Big city girl now? So uh, I’ve changed too.
Abby: Ah, the hat or the gloves? 

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Abby: You ever…ever think about what might have happened if I didn’t leave?
Jimmy: You mean between us?…Probably would have done a hell of a lot of camping.

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