Ghost Whisperer S1 x 01 - Pilot
Jim & Melinda’s wedding.

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Ghost Whisperer: Holiday Spirit (3x10)


8 gifs per episode: Ghost Whisperer - 3x10 Holiday Spirit


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Ghost Whisperer
Leap of Faith

Melinda: It’s okay Sam, you’re just confused. You’re gonna be alright as soon as I get us out of here.
Jim: Why do you keep calling me Sam?
Melinda: You don’t remember, it’s the amnesia. It’s okay.
Jim: Honey what amnesia? What are you talking about?
Melinda: Then what do you want me to call you?
Jim: You can call me by my name. Just call me Jim.
Melinda: What?
Jim: Just call me Jim, Mel, that’s my name.
Melinda: Jim? Oh my God. Oh my God, you’re back! You’re back!
Jim: Shh. Hi.
Melinda: Hi.


8 gifs per episode: Ghost Whisperer - 1x01 Pilot