”Even though it’s over now, it was kind of a lot like my life. The timing was really kind of perfect to my training and what I was doing in real life so it was really cool to watch that show on TV at the same time. I was kind of like, ‘Hey, that’s like me!’” - Gabby Douglas on Make It Or Break It

Make It Or Break It rewatch; Pilot

"This is my shot…tell me I can do this."

Make It Or Break It rewatch; Blowing Off Steam

“You will live, breathe, eat, sleep, bleed gymnastics and nothing else. Go home and say goodbye to your lives as you know it.”

sasha: so trust me.
lauren: i do, i trust you.
sasha: i trust you too.


Whoa, time to go back to this show. MAKE IT OR BREAK IT!

Make It or Break It