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Get to know me meme : [5] favorite female characters

  • Melinda Gordon

Wait a minute. No. Wait a minute! I have devoted my life to this! My grandmother devoted her life to this! I have crossed over hundreds of souls and now maybe, I don’t know what’s behind the light but I have seen the faces of the people that I’ve crossed over. I’ve seen there eyes and their smiles. I’ve seen them weep for joy. I’ve felt their peace. You just have to have a little faith, it’s that simple. You’re not alone and all of this was meant to be and the only thing I know for sure is that there is love there, love like you have never known here and you can’t just turn away from that.”

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Ghost Whisperer S1 x 01 - Pilot
Jim & Melinda’s wedding.

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Ghost Whisperer: Holiday Spirit (3x10)


8 gifs per episode: Ghost Whisperer - 3x10 Holiday Spirit

Happy Halloween.

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